How to Wear Men’s Leather Bracelets

How to Wear Men’s Leather Bracelets


Decide on which wrist would you like to wear the bracelet. There is no specific rule to really follow. Typically, people would wear the bracelet on the most dominant hand. But if you want to wear it on the opposite, go ahead! A good tip we can share is to wear the leather bracelet opposite the wrist where you wear your watch. The leather bracelet can cause scratches to your watch, especially if the bracelet has metals. Although, wearing the bracelets along with the watch is perfectly fine. Just make sure that the bracelet has not a lot of material that can cause damage to your expensive watch.

Watch Pairing

Speaking of watches, your bracelet does not always have to match your watch. However, you should ensure that the bracelet is not too loud and overpowering to the watch. It might look awful. Chunky watches blend well with bigger bracelets while refined dial watches look stunning on their own.

Bracelet Layering

When it comes to wearing layers of mens leather bracelets, you must balance everything. You may combine light and bright leather colors with metal cuffs. Beaded bracelets also make a good pair with leather.

Attire Pairing

If you are unsure which attire will suit your leather bracelet, a good tip is to pair colored bracelets with dark colored suits or attires. Always make sure that your bracelet suits what you wear so it will also suit the occasion or event you are in. If you’re going yo a trip with friends, five bracelets with a sports jacket and a pair of jeans are fine. However, if you’re heading to a formal event, you might want to tone it down with just one subtle piece of wrist wear.

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Mens leather bracelets are totally fine to wear! They look great on men. It instantly takes any attire to the next level! Dress it up, dress it down, you would look awesome! What are you waiting for? Slip on one of these leather bracelet now!

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