Mens Unique Leather Bracelets Buying Guide
Mens Unique Leather Bracelets Buying Guide

In today's world, there are two categories of men; average men who wear clothes, and men who style their wardrobe. Of course, the latter uses men’s accessories to establish themselves as the dapper, masculine, Alpha males that they are.

However, if you have no idea where to start when it comes to men’s bracelets, don’t worry. You’re not alone. We’ve created this unique leather bracelets buying guide for men to get you started on your path to creating masculine style with the use of accessories.

Like watches, you can wear leather bracelets on a regular basis. They come in varieties of styles and designs. Some leather bracelets are more expensive, fancy, and formal but most leather bracelets are suitable for casual and formal use. Whatever your purpose is in wearing a leather bracelet, it will surely bring out your personality and highlight your look.

Design for Mens Leather Bracelets


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Rope Braided Leather

For first-time bracelet users, you can stick to the simple thin rope braided leather design. They are the most basic look for leather bracelets but they definitely remain absolutely attractive. The most trendy rope braided leather bracelet style today features beautiful flag colors. Many people have been rocking flag leather bracelets. People are wearing these types of bracelets with pride.

Flat Leather

Another simple variation you can try is the flat thin leather bracelet variation. It suits introverted personalities. If you do not want to be too loud with your bracelet, this variation is for you. It is also perfect for people who wants a bracelet to complete a look, not to overpower it. You can wear these in the office and on normal casual days.

Cheap Mens Leather Bracelets

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Lap Leather Bracelets

Lap bracelets can either be braided or flat. These bracelets are long. They can be wrapped around the wrist in three to five laps. When rope strands stack together, it adds more appeal to the wrist. If you want a bracelet with cuff-like thickness  while enjoying comfortable airy vibe on the wrist, then laps bracelets are for you!

Multi-Strand Leather Bracelet

If you want to be more adventurous with the leather design, you can opt for multi-strand leather bracelets. Multi-strand leather bracelets typically feature three to five strands. They can feature a combination of flat and rope braided leather. Commonly, multi-strand leather bracelets feature statements.

Metal Leather Bracelet

Metal and leather are a match made in heaven. Most designs today feature a good combination of metal and leather. Typical designs feature silver or gold interlinked with leather or suede. Some bracelets come with metal patterns like infinity, id, heart, skull, and numerous more.

Mens Brown Leather Bracelets

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Thick Cuff

If you find all of the designs too usual and basic, be more adventurous with thick leather cuffs. Thick leather cuffs typically come with intricate designs and patterns. They are perfect for people who are loud and proud. If you are an advanced fashion enthusiast, try pairing your attire with it and you will never go wrong.

How to Select Mens Leather Bracelets

Once you have chosen the design, it is time for you to take your wardrobe into consideration. Visualize which pairs of clothing are you going to wear with the leather bracelet. To help you decide further, below are some pointer to take into consideration.


Always look for a bracelet that will be proportionate to your build. What do we mean by this? If you are thin and you have a small wrist, get a bracelet that has a thin or medium-sized thickness. This only means that the thick cuffs won’t work for you. If you have a bigger build, you can choose to get a medium to a large thickness. When purchasing online, you should be able to see the length and thickness measurements. If you do not see one, you can always send an inquiry. Speaking of online purchasing, before buying any jewelry online, be sure to measure what needs to be measured and read product descriptions. It will make your life easier!

  • Check and feel the durability of the leather bracelet.
  • Check for loose clasps or loose stone embellishments
  • Wear the bracelet and give it a good shake.
  • Consider your lifestyle. If you are active, you may want to invest on expensive but durable bracelets.
  • Ask for the cost of repair, in case the leather gets damaged in the future.
  • Check or ask how the bracelet is crafted together.



Finally, every bracelet is unique and every person is unique. The best bracelet for you is the one you love and the one which expresses you the best. The next time you plan to buy any leather bracelet for yourself, consider above guidelines but at the end go for the one which you heart wants the most. After all, a bracelet is a personal statement and only you can make your unique statement. Check out ornacraft's unique leather bracelet collection for you. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. 


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