4 Great Reasons To Buy From Us:

This sacred bangle features the Blessed Virgin Mary in her Immaculate Conception image. Crafted with an intricately detailed design by one of the most skilled silversmiths in the country. Premium quality, LIMITED EDITION and not available in stores.

  • This beautiful bracelet is made of pure Thai silver 
  • Measures 1.83" (4.65cm) in diameter and 0.35" (0.9cm) in width
  • Weighs 33.3g
  • Breathtakingly attractive and polished to perfection
  • Premium craftsmanship for this unique bracelet

This kind of silver emits an elegant effect. Fine silver, also known as pure silver, contains ninety-nine percent purity. It requires tremendous effort from extraction to production. Pure silver is rarely found in its native nugget form called Ores, a type of rock that contains sufficient minerals with important elements including metals that can be economically extracted from the rock through mining. Our finest silversmiths craft this delicate fine silver bracelet meticulously due to its soft and malleable nature. See silver in its greatest beauty with this exclusive silver bracelet!


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