Peerless symmetrical chain features Catenary hand, a traditional European Corinthian artwork pattern. Every single chain link is meticulously crafted after this architectural design. LIMITED EDITION and exclusive.

  • Made of high-quality premium silver 8.07" or 20.5cm in length
  • Designed by expert silversmiths and has a solid silver weight of 34.5g
  • Features secure safety toggle clasp 
Silver, also popular as Argentum — the latin word for white and shining, is the whitest and brightest metallic element; even brighter than gold. Sterling silver is a rare, strong, corrosion resistant, and durable metal ideal for jewelry. It originated from continental Europe. This precious metal is unaffected by moisture, vegetable acids, or alkali which make them perfect for daily jewelry wearing. 
Europe is well known for its architectural style characterized by the features that make building or other structure notable and historically identifiable. Get this luxurious piece of jewelry and show a flamboyant sense of style.

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