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This West Asian inspired bracelet features the One Thousand Eye classic design or more commonly known as the Evil Eye. It is made of premium grade silver finely crafted by leading silversmiths. The magnificent One Thousand Eye charm is made of gold and is positioned well at the center of the bracelet, embossed with triangular silver steel.

  • Chain link with total length sizes of 7.48" (19cm) up to 8.66" (22cm)
  • Thin curb chain with cross engravings to every link
  • Adorned with exclusive precious gold Evil Eye charm

Featuring Karen Hill Tribe Silver, this lustrous silver bracelet has higher silver content than Bali or Sterling Silver allowing it to shimmer brighter than its counterparts. Hill Tribe Silver is made of 98% - 99% pure silver and is supremely crafted by the Karen tribe in Northern Thailand.

The Evil eye is used and expressed in many cultures with different beliefs. It personifies a child's beauty and grants blessing to objects and people. Reveal your most alluring aura with this captivating and lavish bracelet, the perfect piece for any outfit.

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